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November 5, 2012
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I sat alone in my room, it was lonely and quiet. It felt so different from when I left, but it was exactly the same as I remembered it to be. My posters which I had hung up in my room, Asking Alexandria, Paramore, Tonight Alive, Framing Hanley, Alice Nine, SuG and of course Black Veil Brides. I stared at the Black Veil Brides poster mostly the singer, Andy. I then jumped as my phone began to ring. I walked over and picked it up.

"Hello?" I asked into the phone.

"Hey," came the voice on the other end. My throat chocked up.

"Hey," I said, it almost sounded as if I was crying.

"Hey baby," came the voice again, I heard the sad smile through his voice.

"How's the tour?" I asked, not taking my eyes off the image of him before me.

"Lonely without you," he said, "but I am glad you are safe."

"Yeah," I said, "I miss you."

"I miss you too Kai, but I want you to be safe, and at the moment this all I can do. My hands are tied." He said.

"I know Andy," I whispered.

"We will be seeing each other before you know it," he said, his voice whispering into me.

"I know, I love you Andy," I said.

"I love you too Kaiya," Andy said.

Andy and I talked for a few minutes longer before he had to go, I stared at the poster with my phone to my ear. Unshed tears were now flowing down my cheeks, I pulled my jumper sleeve up into my palm and clutched it before wiping it over my eyes and cheeks eradicating the tears. My door opened and I turned to see my mother, she walked over and pulled me into a tight hug.

"Hey honey," my mother said kissing my head softly.

"Hey mum,"  I said putting my arms around her to hug her back.

"Do you want to come down for dinner?" she asked. I nodded and followed her down stairs.

She had made lasagna with salad on the side. I sat down at my seat and picked up my fork, and stared at my food and gently swirled my fork through the salad.

"It isn't Ceaser Salad," my mum said, I looked up at her.

"What?" I asked.

"I said it isn't Ceaser Salad," she laughed lightly, I began laughing finally understanding the joke and began eating my meal. After I went to my ensuite showered and then went to bed.

"Kaiya!" I was envolped into a hug which sent me and the person hugging me into a spin.

"Amelia," I said laughing at her outburst.

"How can you be laughing?" she said pulling away from me.

"What do you mean?" I asked, I then noticed her expression and put my hands up in surrender, "I'm fine."

"You were kidnapped!" she exclaimed.

"And saved," I said.

"Still, you were kidnapped!"

I sighed and rested my head aganist my locker. My pocker vibrated and I pulled out my phone.

'Hey girl, have you seen how hot my girlfriend is ;) -Andy'

I giggled lightly and looked at the picture, it was of me and Andy. Amelia looked at the image and laughed. Jake had dared Andy to sit in a shopping trolley and be pushed around in it, so he did just that but he also wanted a kiss from me when he was in the trolley which Jake was okay with. I had no idea they had taken a photo of it. Amelia then took my phone and texted Andy back.

'Hey boy, have you ever introduced you girlfriends best friend to anyone? -Kaiya'

I laughed and took my phone back from her when I had recieved a reply.

'No I haven't and hello Amelia. And I miss you baby ;D -Andy'

"Yay, he remembered me," Amelia said which made me laugh again.

Amelia and I walked to class and for some unknown reason I could swear she had planned something, and Andy seemed like he had as well. But I guess I will have to wait, and get one with school.
Chapter 23!! ALSO maybe?? MATURE LANGUAGE!!

FINALLY! :iconfinallyplz: I have written a new chapter for Kaiya's Heart :iconyeahplz:!!!

Sorry that I have been ages to make a new chapter of Kaiya's Heart. Damn stupid writers blocks grrrr...

Anywho! In the chapter I have put a bands in which you may not know of so I am going to link a song for all of the bands, even Black Veil Brides so deal with it! Nah.

Framing Hanley -->[link]
Tonight Alive -->[link] (this is an Australian band and they are AWESOME!! XD)
SuG -->[link]
Alice Nine -->[link]
Black Veil Brides -->[link]
Asking Alexandria -->[link]
Paramore --> [link]

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